Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint Tinted Lip Balm Review

Extra Lip Tint from Bobbi Brown has received a lot of attention since its release. Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Balm is a color-adjusted lip balm that claims to “bring out the best lips.”

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Gloss is everything we believe a colored lip balm should be and more. While its colors do come in different shades, they work so well on the lips that it looks the best.

Each hue of this product, once worn, will have a slight tint, slightly enhancing the lips and creating the best version of that color on your lips. We also love how light it feels on your lips. Of course, this isn’t a lip balm, and we didn’t expect it to be particularly heavy, but for all the moisturizing benefits it provides, it leaves your lips feeling like nothing at all.

It contains a powerful combination of olive, avocado and jojoba oil that nourishes and softens — giving it a non-waxy effect and instantly melts into the skin.

Instead of using mild stimulants to produce unpleasant reactions, balsam uses its oily formulation to great effect. It seeps into my tiny lip line, filling it and smoothing it out.

On my light skin tone, it looks like pure pink berry color on the lips. The moisturizing effect lasts a long time, the slightly tinted color is perfect for the natural look, and the packaging is firm and sleek. Yes, the price is a bit higher, but similar brands and products cost the same, or even more, and perform worse.

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