Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss Review

I’ve been having quite a gloss moment lately. I’m not sure if it’s the summer weather or whether i’m enjoying a more natural sheen. But it’s just so flattering. I just love plush, plump lips. My go-to gloss has to be non-sticky as it’s a non-negotiable in my books.

This lip gloss has a typical rectangular transparent element. The sole of the foot is also a typical rectangular paddle, with the product fixed on both sides. This gloss has an interesting citrus flavor and dissipates quickly after use.

The product actually has a surprisingly good shadow range that can bring a pure sheen. Range from brown and pink nude to red, coral and berry.

On first use, it looks like a nice gloss. Having a light pigmentation can make my lips look better. I bet some bright or richer colors do look pretty, but I’m particularly attracted to this cool brown tone, at least in the tube. In the palette, it looks tinted, but to be honest, it looks like a transparent sheen on my lips. As you can see in the palette below, at least it does have a good gloss!

For me, these are the best lip gloss recipes I’ve tried for a long time. They’re really non-sticky, just like lip gloss, they feel super comfortable and nourishing on your lips, and you’ll feel instantly soothing and nourishing. They almost feel more pampered than color, and for me, I really love this time of year when the lips are chapped and dry, all the love they need to get.

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