Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color Review

“Crushed Lip color” lipsticks are super mild in texture, but still provide a solid (but not completely opaque) soft matte paint for the lips. Bobbi Brown claims they also have long-lasting stain power.

Some shadows outline my lip line, others highlight my natural lip texture, and some smooth and flattering my lip/texture. The wear usually lasts from three to six hours, with some of the thicker/deeper shadows leaving subtle stains.

They are comfortable and slightly peppermint. Their taste is not just the mint taste, but the lips feel so slightly cool. I like it. The brand says “no mirrors needed” to use them, but the shadows are darker, and I’m inclined to disagree. Yes, they should give the person a scattered, messy “kiss” look, but if you know what I mean, you still want to make sure you don’t stand out — these are simple, no-care lipsticks, but in my humble opinion, any red lipstick needs a quick mirror check!

I really like shredded lip gloss. They are easy to use, comfortable to wear, colored, but not so crazy that you see every millimeter on the outline and wear very beautifully. The product was really designed for that oily look. I personally like to apply two coats and blot the product dry with paper towels.

The reason I also like lipstick is that it hardly moves when applied and applied. The recipe is satin, almost matte, but there is no dry feel at all.


  • Rich in Vitamins E and C and beeswax
  • Balmy formula glides on comfortably
  • Delivers a satin matte finish
  • Blotted down, lived in look with one swipe
  • Layers up for a more intense look
  • Leaves lips hydrated and soft
  • Feather and fade proof
  • Last for eight hours
  • Available in 20 shades

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