Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipstick Review

These are saturated lip balm-like colors with a liquid lip balm vibe. There are 14 colors available, including neutral, bold and light. Moisturised yet light, they are very comfortable on the lips.

The smashing liquid on the lips gives off a fragrance just like her regular lipstick — a slightly fruity blend of lipstick scent.

It’s buttery, it’s not sticky at all, it’s really like a lip balm, but it’s really, really shiny. I’ve also noticed that after a while they leave some stains, which is also a good thing. The stain is not so black, but it looks natural. Overall, I love them!

I like these things. I like the packaging, you can see the actual color on the tube. The applicator with the beveled sponge head is also very cute – it’s not your typical sponge head and I think the design is really well done.

I try to find a weakness, and it’s hard to find any. Staying power is not like liquid lip balm in that it has a mild feel. You will have to reapply, but I found that they were here for several hours.

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