Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara Review

This mascara is so far the best that I have tried as a professional makeup artist!

It coats with nice black color, and it separates the lashes, gives a nice curl and it stays put, the lashes are looking natural and it dries pretty quick! Watch the video with proof! The bad reviews here aren’t true. Well, it’s expensive yes, but worth every cent! Bobbi Brown is still one of the best makeup artists out there, even if she has left. She knew how to create beautiful natural-looking products.

Though the name suggests a vampy formula, Smokey Eye Mascara isn’t superdramatic. Instead, it makes every lash you have—no matter how wispy—thicker and slightly longer in a smooth, beautiful, just-north-of-natural way. The brush is thin, with shorter than-average bristles and a tapered end, enabling even klutzes to reach and coat the lashes at the inner corners without smudging.

This is a kohl pigmented mascara that promises high drama lashes that are resistant to smudging, flaking and clumping. It has a thick bristle brush which does create definition with a fanned out lash look. But very little volume. I did use a mascara primer and dusted my eyelashes with translucent powder to help create more fullness and volume. There is a lot of smudging as the day wears on.

Maybe from the kohl infused pigments? Anyway, I used a topcoat to help with that. Additionally, this mascara is not for sensitive eyes. Removal is a little more of a chore than I anticipated with several passes of micellar water and vaseline to get rid of the stubborn residue. Generally, I like to see how a mascara wears over the course of a day, use over successive days/weeks and how it stands on its own.

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