Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Reviews 2021

Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched vitamin is one of the most raved about makeup product of the moment, I have been using this product for over a month now, and I’m ready to give it my final review.

I’ve ordered Bobbi Brown skincare products for some time. This face cream is absolutely one of my favorites for many reasons. I have very oily skin and this cream is oil-free and has not caused me to break out at all. It has vitamins and good-for-my-skin ingredients, which have improved my skintone and has made it more even and soft. It works great underneath my foundation—no flaking or balling up. I’ve used stick, liquid and powder foundations overtop of this cream without any problems with any formula. It has a nice pleasant odor, but the odor is not overwhelming—just a nice, soft aroma. I put this on my face overtop of Perricone’s “Cold Plasma Face” and it works in conjunction with it extremely well so that my skin stays soft, but doesn’t look any oilier underneath my makeup. It absorbs completely and with it being oil-free it doesn’t leave me feeling the least bit greasy after applying. This is my Bobbi Brown day and night cream both. At night I layer it with other products, too, but I think it would work great on its own. Since I’m over 40 I’ve started layering at least two face creams and two eye creams on my skin as part of my skincare regimen, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to get the results I’ve gotten. This is a great, skin-smoothing cream that makes my makeup go on so much smoother and easier. This is a cream that is just as much a part of my makeup process as my foundation is and if I’m running late I’ll skip the Cold Plasma before I’d skip the Vitamin Enriched Face Base.

I’d recommend it for any skin type because it has such a super lightweight oil-free consistency.If you’d like to try it, there are a few options via Nordstrom and via Sephora. the retail price is $62/50ml.

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