Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush Review

This is one of the best gel eyeliner brushes. Stiff enough to control application but still soft enough to not scratch delicate eye area. It’s the perfect length & allows for me to stipple on a super-thin line under the eye & then turn the brush on it’s side & sweep a thicker line above the eye. Pricey but worth it. BB brushes are quality brushes & last many years.

I like the fine point tip of the brush which helps with precision along the lash line and I can do a winged eye look with ease.

The bristles are firm and lay down the gel liner very accurately and I haven’t had a problem with tugging. I don’t wear the gel liner every day, only about once a month, so I only wash the brush about that often (very gently with baby shampoo).

All the bristles are still in place and the brush has kept its point very well. It comes with a disposable, protective sleeve to keep the bristles unharmed in transit; I have kept this plastic sleeve on my brush and I think that it why my brush has lasted so well.

Raise your hand if lining your eyes often takes five times longer because of mishaps. Us too. Put down the makeup remover wipes—this brush is here to save your cat eye (and precious time). Easy to hold and control, its slim, tapered tip creates a flawless line on the first attempt. Just dab the finely pointed and tightly packed bristles into a gel eyeliner or dark powder shadow and see for yourself. Go ahead, hit snooze. Your morning routine just got 10 minutes shorter.

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