Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector Stick Review

Color correction is a clever little trick used by professionals and makeup enthusiasts to “neutralize” a color you don’t want to make it less noticeable.

I especially like how the packaging makes application a breeze. The bullet applicator spins up and down like a lipstick, and you apply it directly to problem areas.

The formula itself is creamy, a dream blend and really moisturizing, so it doesn’t wrinkle or settle in cracks or lines. They can definitely be used on their own, but are great when paired with concealer on top.

This concealer stick gives you such a natural yet covered look. Its stick form also makes it very easy to spread around the face and really targets certain skin concerns. It also makes organizing my brows or eyeshadow a breeze.

It could be redness or scarring around the nose, hyperpigmentation or sallowness, or for me, black/purple circles under my eyes. It’s essentially about using opposite colors on the color wheel, and it’s a treat.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector Stick? You can share your experience with me.

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