Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Concealer Review

The Intensive Skin Serum Concealer may be an excellent product for small brightening jobs on the face, but the end result is a useful product.

Powerful serum ingredients, including energizing Cordyceps sinensis, radiance-enhancing Bamboo Herb, volumizing Indian Mukul Myrrh tree extract layers active ingredients for dark circles.

The formula sounds promising, it will not only cover dark circles, but reduce them and repair them by providing them with much-needed moisture, leaving your under eye area looking smoother, fuller and more importantly Refreshed.

As a concealer, it’s designed to brighten dark spots, especially in the under-eye area, and in that regard, it succeeds. The coverage of this product is definitely enough to hide dark spots.

Pigmentation is fair, but I wouldn’t say it provides enough coverage to hide dark circles completely, so you might want to pick up a corrector too for best results.

All in all, it’s a worthwhile investment!

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